REPKULTURE Speaks with Head Designer- Ira Taylor

Ira was born and raised in Bunbury, Western Australia, where she was able to showcase some of her first pieces for the Southwest Fashion Festival while she was only 15 & 17 years old.

Question: At what point in your life did you realise you were a Designer? When I was younger, my Aunty used to make traditional Malay wedding outfits. I would watch her sew amazing wedding garments for days and days. I was fascinated. She was my inspiration.

Question: What was your favourite childhood memory? Being taken to textile traders with my Mum and Aunty as well as the memory of having outfits for ramadan that my mum would make for my Sister and I. When I grew up, I started making those same outfits for my sister and I for ramadan. That's really where it all started, and because Bunbury is such a small town,

I had a lot of influences that were always so welcoming. Seeing my potential, they would invite me to fashion shows and let me do styling for them.

Question: What attracted you to be part of REPKULTURE?

Yande originally approached me to style for REPKULTURE and I remember genuinely liking the clothing and then the atmosphere. Everyone brought an energy that set the tone for me as something that I wanted to be part of. Later on, Yande asked me to design for REPKULTURE. I did some designs and randomly one day, she showed me one of my designs as a final product. That was really cool - and I see so much future and potential for REPKULTURE. ​

Question: What was your inspiration for the new collection?

I get people think that sweatpants or a pair of jeans is casual wear - but for myself, I like going out to wherever I go with a basic top but then loud statement pants. What we make at REPKULTURE, can be worn together or individually. Fashion doesn't have to be black and white and grey, it can be loud with bold colours, and why shouldn't it be? ​

Question: Do you have any final words?

I feel that designers are scared of doing these things. They have so much knowledge and potential, but the industry is so small and niche that it's about who you know. If your a designer reading this though - do what you want. If people want it then people will go crazy over it - and it could be anything. Find your group of people!I feel like I found that with REPKULTURE.

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