Kaluba Chali Sumaili Maxi Button Up


Size: F (Fits a size 12-16)

F (Fits a size 12-16)

REPKULTURE welcomes Kaluba Chali to the REPKULTURE family. Designed for the sophisticated woman, Kaluba Chali curates statement pieces that leave you standing out from the crowd. Made in Zambia with 100% cotton wax, Kaluba Chali is made by women for women. Our classic statement pieces are designed to turn heads. For you, a Kaluba Chali woman, a regal woman. 

A Kaluba Chali staple, Sumaili is inspired by Eastern Zambia. A classic button up style with a feature waist belt. The dress can be worn as a jacket with your favourite pair of jeans. Style with a pair of heels or your favourite white sneakers and accessorise with your favourite pair of earrings. The waist strap accentuates your figure, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful. Turn those heads, Kaluba Chali is made just for you.

Kaluba Chali supports local Zambian women. This dress is handmade in Zambia with 100% cotton wax print

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F (Fits a size 12-16)